Wells, Whipple And The Election Of Remedies

The following is a discussion of recent Oklahoma Supreme Court cases addressing workers’ compensation exclusivity and intentional torts, election of remedies and the constitutionality of the Oklahoma Legislature’s limitation of workers’ compensation death benefits to spouses, children and legal guardians of employees killed in work-related incidents. Current Status Of The Parret Exception To Workers’ Compensation Exclusivity …

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How A Texas ‘Fender Bender’ Truck Accident Turned Into A $32 Million Nuclear Jury Verdict

On a quiet September afternoon in 2013, a minor fender bender between a tractor-trailer and a pickup truck barely disrupted life in the tiny East Texas town of Ore City. Joshua Patterson was driving his pickup to a church luncheon when the vehicle was sideswiped by an FTS International Services tractor-trailer driven by Bill Acker. …

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Choosing the Right Attorney

When you need an attorney, where do you turn?  Often times, people search the internet or we hear, quite frequently, another law firm referred them or they were sharing a story with someone who sent them our way.  Listed below are three tips on how to best choose an attorney, and we’ll also talk about …

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Improper Treatment

News outlets often shine light on inmates receiving improper treatment while in jail or prison.  Men and women have cried and screamed for help,  some begging for water and being told to get it on their own, others in need of medical attention, but denied.  Why don’t officers and or nurses seem to care?  Do …

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Taxes… do I have to?!

It’s that time of year again!  I, personally, get really excited about tax season, though there is some anxiety because I want to make sure I fill in all the areas, since I do them myself, correctly.  For business owners, it’s probably not the most exciting time of year, but most business owners have a …

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Celebrity Lawsuits

I’m going to showcase four lawsuits involving celebrities this week.  Some you may have heard, others are kind of “crazy.”  So bear with me, if you will,  this may be more entertaining than you think.  That being said, first on the list, Rosa Parks v. Outkast. Rosa Parks’ Attorney sued Outkast | laFaceRecords stating, “You …

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Walking into a business can be intimidating at times, especially if you’ve never been there before.  Thankfully, when you walk into Smolen Law you will be greeted by a smiling, friendly face, and her name is Megan Dalton.  This week our interview is focused on her.   How long have you worked at Smolen Law and …

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2020 Brings New Laws

New year, new laws for several states.  Today we’re going to cover three different states and their new laws. New Year’s Day brought about twenty-four new laws for the state of Texas.   Homeowner’s Tax Exemption:Disabled veterans, surviving spouses of disabled veterans, Texans over the age of sixty-five and those with disabilities are eligible for certain …

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Lessons Learned in 2019

Even with the excitement of the holidays, I’ve made time to reflect on the lessons I learned from this year, and I want to share a few of them with you…  I am more capable than I think I am. Regardless of your age, you have insecurities in some capacity.  Be it personal or professional, …

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