What are your goals?  Dreams?  What gets your blood pumping?  What excites you? Is your life mundane or are you constantly on the move, and living as if today is your last? No successful person got anywhere sitting in the corner, twiddling their thumbs. No successful person stopped learning, stopped dreaming, or gave up when… Read More
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Have you ever wondered what a Paralegal is?  Maybe you speculated, or haven’t even cared to find out. For those unsure of what a Paralegal does (known to some as a Legal Assistant), you’re going to find out in this post. Some would say a Paralegals’ most important role is to assist their attorney with… Read More
  Domestic Violence/Domestic Abuse is a horrible and heartbreaking reality for many. Not only is it an experience women and men both endure, children can also be caught in the crossfire. According to, more than 10 million women and men are victims of physical abuse by an intimate partner each year. Let me repeat… Read More
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We are incredibly humbled and grateful for our clients. The ability to serve them with integrity, professionalism, and respect is our top priority. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to meet and represent a variety of individuals, and want to share with you how a few of them feel about The Alpha Firm. “Don… Read More
It’s Saturday morning, the twins have soccer, you promised your mom you’ll meet for lunch with the kids, you also have a vet appointment set for the dog, and grocery shopping; can’t forget grocery shopping before dinner tonight with the neighbors. Everything is planned out, and you’re confident it’s going to be a smooth day,… Read More
You’ve heard the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. The pessimist is likely to focus on life giving them lemons. The optimist will make lemonade, and hope more lemons come their way to make a bigger batch. The realist’s focus is dealing with the lemons handed them, and then follow through with making… Read More
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Johns Hopkins did a study within the last few years revealing medical error (Medical Malpractice) to be the third-leading cause of death in the United States.  According to this study, over 250,000 people die each year due to medical error. Three Medical Students, along with the Professor of Surgery and Health Policy & Management at… Read More
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It was Christmas Eve, my sister (we’ll call her Gina) was driving to spend the holiday with us when my parents received a gut-wrenching call; Gina was involved in an accident with a semi-truck.  My mother has always been great with organized chaos, and this was one of those times where it kicked in full… Read More
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Donald E. Smolen, II is the Principal at Smolen Law.  He’s a Tulsa native, growing up on a ranch south of town. He attended the University of Tulsa for his undergraduate degree, and the University of Tulsa School of Law. Don, as many refer to him, is an impeccable attorney known as, “The Alpha Attorney,”… Read More
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Catastrophic Tort is the area of the law that deals with any accident caused by the fault of another, which results in the victim sustaining a catastrophic injury. Examples include, but are not limited to: spine, spinal cord, or brain, may also include skull or spinal fractures.  These types of injuries often require life-long care… Read More
Overtime & Wage Claims
You work hard to provide for yourself and your family.  Most days are great, minus some long hours here and there, and being tired once you get home; overall you have no complaints.  Your boss approaches you one day and asks you to work overtime. Maybe someone is out sick or the work load has… Read More
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“After calling two other law firms in the Tulsa area, one of them gave me the number for Attorney Don Smolen. Frustrated and discouraged, I gave his office a call, explained my situation, and was told they’d get back with me. In less than 24 hours I received a call from Don’s office asking if… Read More
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Negligence– we’ve all heard this word in some way, shape, or form. Maybe you’ve experienced negligence yourself or know someone who has. Though we cover several areas of neglect in our practice, Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse is our focus today. Let’s be honest, it’s never easy choosing to place your loved one in the… Read More
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Let’s face it, something happens to you and whether you admit it or not, you’re a little bit scared. Some people take immediate action while others don’t know what to do, leaving them feeling completely lost and alone. If you’re in the lost and alone category, the following may be helpful to begin your first steps: Know… Read More
On April 27, 2016, justice was served. A jury found Robert Bates, the 74-year-old volunteer reserve sheriff deputy, guilty of second-degree manslaughter. The jurors recommended the maximum sentence of four years in prison. Prosecutors told jurors that Bates was criminally negligent and deserved to be sent to prison for shooting and killing an unarmed and restrained, Eric Harris…. Read More
Wednesday, September 30 was a victorious day for the citizens of Tulsa. Justice was served. On that day, a grand jury indicted Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz on charges of mismanaging his department and failing to perform his official duties when he refused to release information and a 2009 report during the investigation into former reserve deputy Robert Bates. If you missed it,… Read More