Choosing the Right Attorney

When you need an attorney, where do you turn?  Often times, people search the internet or we hear, quite frequently, another law firm referred them or they were sharing a story with someone who sent them our way.  Listed below are three tips on how to best choose an attorney, and we’ll also talk about four “what-if” questions..

Practice Areas:

Simply put, if your case involves wrongful death, an attorney that works on employment law won’t be able to assist you.  In your internet browser, start by typing in your search bar “wrongful death attorneys near me”.  This will allow your search to be narrowed in order to connect you with an attorney best suited for your need.


When searching in your area for an attorney, options could pop up for attorneys outside of your town or state.  You can still call them.  Though you may live in Florida, it’s possible an attorney from Kentucky can still help you, but make sure to inform them of where you live.


Let’s say you were referred to an attorney by someone who saw an ad on TV.  Go to your internet browser (again) and type in the attorney or firm name.  Read reviews, go to their website and social media pages.  Where’d they attend Law school?  How long have they been practicing?  What is their rating?  Within five to ten minutes you’ll know enough to either call them or continue with your search.

What-If Questions

What if I call an attorney’s office and I don’t know what to say?

Don’t worry.  You can begin by saying, “I’d like to speak with someone about a potential case.”  You can also be more specific and tell them what kind of case (civil rights, medical negligence, workers’ compensation, criminal etc.).

A decent amount of firms have a designated individual who speaks to potential clients, or multiple attorneys in the same office who each practice different areas of the law.  That being said, if you are a little more specific, they’ll be able to better direct you to the appropriate person.

What if I only want a consultation?

There are a lot of law firms, if not all, that will gladly schedule you for a consult.  We suggest inquiring if there is a fee associated with the consult before making the appointment, as some firms do charge.

What if I don’t like the first (or even third) attorney I talk to?

Don’t stop looking.  It’s important you’re comfortable, and you should never feel obligated or pressure to sign anything.

What if I meet with an attorney, but they won’t take my case?

Many factors play a part in an attorneys decision to proceed with a case.  Don’t be discouraged if they choose not to take your case because there may be another one who will.  If you’re not given a referral from the attorney you spoke with, look up the bar association phone number for your county or state.  Inform them of your situation and they should be able to point you in a direction.

We answer questions all day, every day, at The Alpha Firm. People ask similar questions to who the attorneys are in our office, the areas of law we practice, consultations and how the process works. We encourage you to find the best attorney for your case, and if you want to find out if/how we can help you, you’re welcome to connect with us via our website chat, Facebook page (Smolen Law), phone (918-777-4529) or email (

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