Below is a list of some of the settlements and verdicts we have achieved over the years. If you would like more details on our success, please complete the contact form and someone will be in touch soon to answer any questions that you may have and provide additional insights into specific cases and verdicts.

$15,250,000Civil Rights$225,600Products' Liability
$7,800,000Royalties Dispute$210,000Civil Rights
$6,000,000Civil Rights$205,000Civil Rights
$5,581,092Semi-truck Accident$200,000Personal Injury
$3,800,000Insurance Bad Faith$196,654Car Wreck
$3,100,000Car Wreck$193,327Insurance Bad Faith
$3,000,000Semi-truck Accident$182,152Car Wreck
$2,800,000Products' Liability$175,000Car Wreck
$1,029,233Personal Injury$175,000Civil Rights
$875,000Insurance Bad Faith$170,000Semi-truck Accident
$710,000Semi-truck Accident$165,991Medical Malpractice
$700,000Civil Rights$165,643Car Wreck
$600,000Semi-truck Accident$157,500Car Wreck
$525,000Insurance Bad Faith$156,355Car Wreck
$500,000Insurance Bad Faith$151,500Car Wreck
$481,352Semi-truck Accident$150,916Car Wreck
$465,437Insurance Bad Faith$150,000Car Wreck
$400,000Medical Malpractice$146,994Car Wreck
$375,000Medical Malpractice$146,525Car Wreck
$350,000Insurance Bad Faith$143,910Car Wreck
$325,000Insurance Bad Faith$140,000Medical Malpractice
$325,000Insurance Bad Faith$121,614Car Wreck
$324,830Insurance Bad Faith$120,000Car Wreck
$312,139Semi-truck Accident$118,878Car Wreck
$275,000Products' Liability$110,000Car Wreck
$265,098Semi-truck Accident$108,879Car Wreck
$250,000Personal Injury$105,138Car Wreck
$250,000Personal Injury$103,003Car Wreck
$247,790Insurance Bad Faith$101,194Car Wreck
$245,306Insurance Bad Faith$100,000Car Wreck
$242,500Civil Rights$98,559Car Wreck
$237,500Insurance Bad Faith$96,135Car Wreck
$235,399Personal Injury$95,000Car Wreck
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