2020 Brings New Laws

New year, new laws for several states. Today we’re going to cover three different states and their new laws.

New Year’s Day brought about twenty-four new laws for the state of Texas.

Homeowner’s Tax Exemption: Disabled veterans, surviving spouses of disabled veterans, Texans over the age of sixty-five and those with disabilities are eligible for certain property tax exemptions they may not know about.

Inmates Released From Prison: Inmates released from prison will now walk in to the free world with documents to help them find a job, including certificates proving completed job skills courses and training.

Surprise Medical Bills: For those that have ever received a surprise medical bill, some patients will now be prevented from received large bills when they didn’t have a choice on who their provider was.

Defense Contractors: Being a Defense contractor in Texas means you can now take a deduction on direct manufacturing costs or employee/contractor direct compensation.

Michigan initiated some laws on the first of January, and there are more to come. Listed are a few that stand out.

Minimum Wage Increased: Minimum wage was $9.45, now it’s $9.65, raising 20 cents, and $3.67 is now the tipped wage

Medicaid and Work Requirements: If your between the ages of nineteen and sixty-one, you are now required to work, in some capacity, eighty hours per month.  Certain individuals are exempt from this change – pregnant women, folks with disabilities, caretakers of disabled dependents, caretakers of children under six years old, and those who have medical conditions which result in limited work activity.

Do you see a Counselor?: Beginning January 27th, Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) will be able to diagnose and treat mentally ill patients using basic counseling, and psychotherapy techniques.

Auto Insurance: Seven months from now, your no-fault insurance policy is going to experience an over-haul.  Part of which allows the insured to change their Personal Injury Protection, coverage, or opt-out completely if they’re senior citizens or possess health insurance that covers auto-related accidents.

A broad range of laws are in effect in Arizona beginning 2020.

Minimum Wage: Arizona residents can expect a $1 raise as of January 1st;  $12 an hour is what they get to look forward to.  And the tipping wage also increased $1 from last year, making it $9.00 / hour.

Medical Marijuana: Dispensaries are now required to have their products tested by a third-party lab; to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Opiods: Opioid prescriptions must now be sent electronically.  This is an effort to track potential opioid abuse, usage rates, and opioid prescription fraud.

Tobacco Products: If you’re a smoker and under twenty-one years old, don’t be shocked when you’re favorite gas station clerk won’t sell you tobacco products.  Twenty-one is now the minimum age to purchase tobacco.

Family Caregiver?: If you meet certain state requirements in Arizona, you can get a fifty percent reimbursement on home modifications, and up to $1,000 on assistive care technology when assisting a family member with at least one activity of daily living.  Bare in mind, reimbursements are limited and granted on a first come, first serve basis.

Being aware of the new laws where you live is very important and something you should keep up with.  From minimum wage increases to texting and driving, or auto insurance modifications- educate yourself, your family, and your friends on the changes.

For a list of other laws in effect in 2020 visit this website.  Of course you can always take advantage of your preferred search engine, and find a list of laws in your state.

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