Celebrity Lawsuits

I’m going to showcase four lawsuits involving celebrities this week. Some you may have heard, others are kind of “crazy.” So bear with me, if you will, this may be more entertaining than you think. That being said, first on the list, Rosa Parks v. Outkast.

Rosa Parks’ Attorney sued Outkast | laFaceRecords stating, “You have her name associated with lyrics that contain vulgarity and profanity that she does not appreciate.”

GM of the label responded at one point saying, “Both the label and OutKast have enormous respect for Ms. Parks and the accomplishments and contributions she has made to the civil-rights movement.”

They settled outside of court.

Kristina Karo vs. Mila Kunis

Ms. Karo sued Mila Kunis over allegedly stealing her chicken when they were younger. Of course Ms. Karo did not win her case, and the idea of her being noticed for her musical talent (which is said to be the reason for filing the suit in the first place; to get noticed) quickly went out the window.

The Jonas Brothers vs. Ashleigh Johnson

We’ve all been to a concert, and know they can get out of hand with excitement. Ashleigh Johnson tried to sue The Jonas Brothers for physical, mental, and emotional damages from being crushed by an uncontrollable crowd at one of their concerts. Unfortunately, her allegations only left her crushed with disappointment; the case was dismissed.

Steve Jobs vs. Jonathan Lee Riches

Mr. Riches accused Steve Jobs of hiring OJ Simpson to be a hit man… for decades! Yes, you read that correctly.

I’ll give you one guess on whether or not that held up in court.

Lawsuits come in all shapes, sizes and well, allegations. As we understand, not all lawsuits are “crazy” or face palm worthy- there ARE a plethora of cases that are good with valid and winnable facets.

We receive countless phone calls and website inquiries regarding potential cases every day. The information provided to us is given to an attorney in our office same day, and we do everything in our power to get in touch with the potential client within 24-48 hours to let them know whether or not their case is one to pursue.

So, before you go and sue a celebrity because you resemble their looks and it’s ruined your life (Allen Heckard vs. Michael Jordan), you got offended because someone squinted in one single picture causing their eyes to slant, and you think they owe every Asian in your county money (Miley Cyrus vs. Lucie Kim), or you’re convinced Elvis faked his death so you decide to take his estate to court (Elvis vs. Fort Worth Man)… give us a call, and let’s schedule you for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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