Semi-Truck Accidents

It was Christmas Eve, my sister (we’ll call her Gina) was driving to spend the holiday with us when my parents received a gut-wrenching call; Gina was involved in an accident with a semi-truck. My mother has always been great with organized chaos, and this was one of those times where it kicked in full force. Phone calls were being made, packing was being done, we’re scrambling to get everything necessary for our unexpected six-hour trip to another state, where we would spend that year’s Christmas in a hospital room.

My dad and I went to look at my sister’s vehicle and the semi-truck, a day or two after we got to the hospital. Gina was driving a red Chevy Cavalier, and that little car completely removed the back set of wheels off that truck. If I’m not mistaken both vehicles were deemed totaled, I know my sisters was. It’s a miracle she survived, and the gentleman driving the semi ended up being okay.

Gina suffered serious, non-life-threatening injuries, and had to come live with us for quite some time. To this day, she has back issues (if I’m not mistaken it’s been almost fourteen years since the accident). She’s had back surgery, but it didn’t help as much as was expected; she’ll have chronic back pain for the rest of her life, but fortunately, she’s alive.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Trucking Accidents In Oklahoma?

What we see most often is trucking accidents caused by a lack of training the drivers of semi-trucks or commercial vehicles. Another common cause of trucking accidents is driver fatigue, especially when the drivers are exceeding the amount of hours they’re allowed to drive in an 8-day period…Read More

When a semi-truck accident occurs:

First and foremost, gather evidence. This is vital for us to get you the compensation you deserve. Next, we’ll look at an Injury Claim (if applicable), and through investigation and analysis, we’ll ensure the driver and the company, for whom they work, were and are in accordance with Federal Trucking Regulations.

Accidents happen, and most can be prevented. We’re here to help! Please reach out to our firm today.

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