I don’t know any couple that’s gotten married planning to divorce.  I’ve heard stories about people marrying the love of their life,
and all-of-a-sudden find out their significant other has another lover, or behind closed doors the person who was once affectionately titled “best friend” has become terribly cruel, and abusive.  There are other couples who simply aren’t compatible; maybe they rushed into this union “too soon,” or found themselves playing more of a parental role than that of a wife or husband. Every situation is different, and there are at least three sides to each story.

In the state of Oklahoma there are twelve reasons considered as grounds for divorce.

The most common reasons include, but are not limited to:
gross neglect of duty,
extreme physical or mental cruelty,
abandonment for a period of one year,
and adultery.
When contemplating divorce there are factors to consider.
First and foremost, is this something you really want to do, and why?

An uncontested divorce is where both parties agree on all issues regarding their divorce (debts, property, child support, custody etc).   An uncontested divorce, with no minor children, can go quite smoothly; finalizing within ten days after the petition has been filed.  A contested divorce, meaning neither party can agree on anything (with or without minor children) can take weeks, months, and on rare occasions, years.  Once divorce is granted by a judge, both parties must wait six months to remarry and or cohabitate in the state of Oklahoma, unless it’s with your ex-spouse.  During that six months, should you and your now former spouse choose reconciliation, the divorce decree will be “voided,” so long as a joint petition is filed, and neither has married since divorce.

Divorce is not an easy decision to make, especially when children are involved.  Most times, if not every time, a couple choosing divorce where children are present, are required to complete parenting classes. If both parents are sharing custody, that schedule will need to be agreed upon, and so on and so forth. More answers to your questions can be found online or by contacting an attorney you trust.

Moving forward with divorce can be done with or without an attorney. Paperwork can be found online or in person at the Court Clerk’s office. We hope you choose the best decision that works for you (and your children).

**For the record, we’re not in any way encouraging divorce, we’re simply supplying information.  Divorce is solely your decision.

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