Bad Faith

Every one is encouraged to have insurance. House, vehicles, boats… anything and everything that, specifically, comes with an expensive price tag. So what happens when the roof of your house is damaged due to bad weather, your vehicle is smashed in a car accident, or your summer lake vacation is ruined by a boating collision?

You call your insurance company.

A lot if folks don’t dive too deep into what is good, and what could be better when it comes to obtaining quality insurance. When something happens to your home, or mode of transportation you expect the insurance company to cover what’s been lost. BUT conversations and a letter state they’re only going to pay you a third of what you signed up for. A third?! I don’t think so!

Insurance Bad Faith means your insurance company is trying to abandon the obligations promised to you as the policy holder. It could be them refusing to pay a legitimate claim, refusing to pay a legitimate claim in full, or failure to investigate and process a claim within a reasonable amount of time.

Insurance companies are to act in a manner which is good and uphold the agreement you all signed off on.

When they don’t, you have every right to sue.

Next Steps

  • Review your insurance contract. – You must know there is a valid violation of the contract.
  • Keep every thing in writing, from the beginning. – Phone calls, who you spoke with, any and all correspondence.
  • Claim denied? – Ask that the denial of the claim be reviewed by a supervisor.
  • Make a Final Demand. – You’ve tried to settle the claim by yourself to no avail now.
  • Contact an attorney!

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