What is Catastrophic Tort?

Catastrophic Tort is the area of the law that deals with any accident caused by the fault of another, which results in the victim sustaining a catastrophic injury.

Examples include, but are not limited to: spine, spinal cord, or brain, may also include skull or spinal fractures. 
These types of injuries often require life-long care and or reconstructive surgeries, among other medical necessities.

There have been dozens and dozens of Tort cases involving personal injury filed in the state of Oklahoma already in 2019; that number will undoubtedly rise as the year progresses. The injuries sustained could’ve been from a car accident, work accident, maybe a pedestrian walking on a sidewalk was hit by a motorist, it’s possible someone slipped and fell on another’s property, or medical malpractice was the cause, the list goes on.

Unexpected, specifically debilitating injuries including those resulting in death can be, and are, incredibly devastating to not only the victim, but to the family. We want you to know there is hope in recovering the compensation you and your family clearly deserve.

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