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Insurance coverage is an aspect of life that almost everyone is familiar with but hopes never to rely upon. However, if the time does arise, those who have diligently paid into their policy and ensure their premiums are up to date have the rightful expectation of receiving the coverage they have been promised for the life of their policy. Unfortunately, insurance companies are by nature focused on retaining as much of the capital they receive as possible, and their bottom line relies on paying out less than they receive.

This, in turn, can lead to less than stellar practices when called upon to cover damages the policyholder has incurred. Since insurance relies on both parties holding up their end of the bargain throughout the term of the policy, unfortunately, situations can lead to what is known as practices of insurance bad faith. If the policyholder has fulfilled the criteria to remain insured, it is legally expected that the insurance agency does the same when and if the time comes.

While insurance companies can act in bad faith in a variety of insurance policies, some of the most common areas are homeowners and property damage claims. If you believe your insurance agency may be acting in bad faith after you have made a legitimate claim, Smolan Law is here to help. Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to devalue or invalidate your claim altogether, so call on The Alpha Team of bad faith litigation attorneys to ensure you are equipped to fight back. Remember, the insurance company works for you, not the other way around, so call today to get the compensation you deserve.

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