Malfunctioning Products

You’re the maintenance person for your department. The job entails monitoring equipment, making sure the area is clean for the other employees, and overall safety for the surrounding area. Music is playing in your headphones to drown out background noise, but you’re well aware of what is happening around you. A particularly large machine is next on your list for maintenance. You go about your procedures as normal, but the next thing you see is the inside of an ambulance as you’re being rushed to the nearest emergency room.

Through wide eyes, the questions you’re being asked you can’t answer, you feel your heart racing with anxiety. Bursting through the doors at the hospital, nurses, and doctors are running a long side your gurney. Two more sets of doors, and you’re wheeled into a sterilized room where you’re told they’re going to count down starting at ten; you’re being put under. Fast forward, you awake from what seemed like days of sleep, family, and friends by your bedside. This is when you’re informed of the accident. The large piece of machinery you were working on, per procedure, a portion of it dismantled causing serious injury to your left arm, resulting in amputation.

Questions bombard your mind. You did every thing you were suppose to do. You followed the safety guidelines, you took the appropriate steps to ensure safety, and never once have you been injured on the job. Fortunately, you did your job well, but unfortunately you are now faced with a life-altering disability, which impacts your ability to work and go about life as before.

What now?

Products malfunction daily. A few key questions (but not limited to) that need answered are: was the product defectively manufactured, was the product defective in design, or was their failure to provide adequate warnings or labels? One of the top priorities on your list, moving forward, should be contacting an attorney. All the questions you have, we can answer. Someone is at-fault here, and it’s not you. Your life is forever changed, and reimbursement for what you’re now have to live with is necessary; you deserve compensation!

Note: Big machines are not the only products that can malfunction. If you have any questions, please call us today! We have a wonderful staff that is willing and able to speak with you over the phone or in person, 918-744-4LAW (4529).

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