It’s okay, we’ll get through this together.

It’s Saturday morning, the twins have soccer, you promised your mom you’ll meet for lunch with the kids, you also have a vet appointment set for the dog, and grocery shopping; can’t forget grocery shopping before dinner tonight with the neighbors.  Everything is planned out, and you’re confident it’s going to be a smooth day, despite the internal twinge of anxiety you feel trying to come to the surface.

Fast forward, the twins win their soccer game, which means lunch with mom turns into a celebration. You’re happy, thinking of how it’s been a great day.  Off to the vet you go, twins and dog in tow. Until, that truck comes out of nowhere, and your definition of a great day turns in to your worst nightmare.

You and your children are rushed to the nearest hospital.  One of the twins is in stable but critical condition. Among cuts and bruises, he’s sustained a brain injury with concern of internal bleeding. Your other child is diagnosed with a couple broken ribs, including a broken arm, and you’re confirmed injuries are a dislocated shoulder, as well as an ankle fracture. Your entire life has been turned upside down.

This unfortunate accident has quickly brought piles of medical bills you’re convinced will never go away. With the chaos of coming weeks, you’re referred to a law firm where one of their focus areas is motor vehicle accidents. In the initial consultation, you’re asked to signed waiver to retrieve medical records, and billing from the providers, and facilities where you and your children received, or are still receiving, care.

Medical record retrieval is no easy task, it takes time and can be frustrating. No matter how many facilities you’ve visited or providers you’ve seen, the wait for records can take weeks, sometimes months. If faced with the decision to move forward with an attorney, specifically if it involves record retrieval, the more documentation you have, the better.

Do your best to keep a list of facilities you’ve been to, doctors who have treated you, physical therapists, psychiatrists, and so forth. This information can help aide in effectively and efficiently gathering the documentation needed to move your case forward.

It’s understandable to be overwhelmed, and no attorney’s office expects you to have your records, as a matter of fact. most people don’t have any in their possession.  IT’S OKAY.  Regardless of the information you have or don’t have, we work as a team.

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