…but it’s less than $20

My significant other hasn’t been feeling well. Despite the fact that it’s 25 degrees outside, I warmed up my vehicle and drove to the nearest Walgreen’s. I say hi to my favorite Walgreen’s associate, and to no surprise, spend too much time deciding whether to buy a 2 liter of 7up or diet Sprite. I make my final selections and head to check out where my favorite associate and I chat about the weather, and how quarters tend to be the quickest moving coin from the cash register. We conclude our conversation, and bid a good night.

I used to work in a variety of retail establishments, and having experience living different places with challenging situations, you learn to pay attention to what may seem insignificant.

As I was leaving Walgreen’s, two boys swiftly enter the store. Before I could finish putting my bags in my car, they ran out, standing by their bikes parked right outside the door. I see them snickering; certain they stole some candy, but I wasn’t 100% sure. I watch them run back inside; I knew what was next. I get out of my vehicle, shut the door and lock it. I reach the door as the two boys are running out with two brand new vape set-ups. We are inches apart as I sternly ask them if they are going to return the items they just stole. The youngest boy looked terrified, as I towered over him, while the older boy is telling him they need to leave. Needless to say, I walked back in with what they tried to steal, and searched for my favorite associate to inform her of what happened.

What’s the big deal?

Shoplifting is a crime, and can carry big consequences. In a lot of states shoplifting, whether a person has left the store or not, is punishable by fines (up to $1000-$2000) and or jail time (typically up to one year), as well as a misdemeanor charge. The sentence will depend on the class of misdemeanor, and any prior convictions.


44% of shoplifters interviewed said that if an employee paid attention to them while they were committing theft, it would deter them.

Shoplifting costs the U.S. retail industry approximately $30 billion each year.

60% of known shoplifters were detected entering at least two separate locations of the same retail chain.

Criminal acts in retail stores were up 11% in 2018 over 2017.

There is no excuse for any type of criminal activity, and unfortunately, knowing shoplifting is bad isn’t enough to deter those with “sticky fingers.” Needless to say, don’t steal. Period.

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