Are you covered?

Illness and injury are inevitable. From allergies to broken bones, and life-saving procedures, no one is immune from seeing a doctor. They’re already offering flu shots for the upcoming seasons and I’ve heard about several children, under the age of ten, diagnosed with pneumonia (it’s only October!). Then, of course, you have the unexpected shoulder dislocation or herniated disks from slipping and falling. Let’s not forget serious injury from a collision, or a concussion from an object falling on your head at work.

Are you covered?

A lot of companies offer health insurance coverage for their employees. Some companies even grant the availability for your family to be added on your medical plan. For those that don’t have insurance, you’ll often hear it’s too expensive. However, most states have the option for free health care, or facilities will decide what you owe based off your monthly income (sliding scale).

Are you covered?

Health insurance is not required, but it’s suggested. Health Insurance helps reduce medical costs, especially in the long run. Once you meet your yearly deductible, your cost is zero dollars or only a specified percentage according to your insurance plan. People have to have emergency surgery, and are left with tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt because they had no insurance. Radiology imaging, specifically MRI’s, can cost well over one thousand dollars (trust me, I just had one)! Blood work and prescription costs can make you feel like you’ve put a down payment on a brand new car!

Well, what’s next?

Listed below are different types of health care coverage, should you choose to look further in to your options. Keep in mind we’re not telling you to get medical insurance. This is purely a suggestion.

  • If you haven’t heard of The Marketplace, I’d be very surprised. Many people find affordable health insurance coverage through them.
  • You can also try Pick Health Insurance. They offer many types of plans, including Short Term and Medicare.
  • In Oklahoma, Soonercare or Oklahoma Health Care Authority, offer health care plans for qualified low-income children, seniors and disabled. As well as, females being treated for breast or cervical cancer, and those seeking family planning services.
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services benefits elderly and disabled individuals.
  • Of course, you can always find the nearest Health Department in your town. Some of their services are free, other costs are based off your income.
  • If you’re Native American, free services are available at your local Indian Hospital and or Clinic. You do need to have verification of your tribal card.
  • Veteran Facilities are located in every state. The health benefits vary, and you do have to qualify.

In our experience, the moment you think you don’t need it, you do.

Cheers to your health!

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