Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Trucking Accidents In Oklahoma?

What we see most often is trucking accidents caused by a lack of training for the drivers of semi-trucks or commercial vehicles. Another common cause of trucking accidents is driver fatigue, especially when the drivers are exceeding the amount of hours they’re allowed to drive in an 8-day period.

What Are Some Of The Severe Injuries That You See Resulting In Accidents Involving Semi-Trucks Or Other Large Commercial Vehicles?

Semi-truck accidents are almost always severe, with injuries often resulting in death. Head trauma is common, as is traumatic brain injury, which often lead to a permanent change in the injured person.

If The Driver And The Trucking Company Are From Outside Of The State, Does This Complicate A Personal Injury Case At All?

While some of the procedures may be slightly different, I do not believe it complicates a personal injury case. It may mean that we litigate the case in federal court, which may actually be preferable since the process is faster.

What Type Of Evidence Is Critical To Building A Strong Trucking Accident Personal Injury Case And Does Your Firm Have Investigators That You Can Send Out To Gather Evidence And Witnesses?

The most critical evidence in trucking accident cases is the physical evidence at the location of the collision. This evidence includes skid marks, indentations, damage to concrete barriers in the shoulder, and more. Unless this evidence is documented right away, it may disappear with time. We send private investigators to the scene to document all evidence, take witness statements, speak with law enforcement, and obtain photographs and data downloads. It is very important to gather as much evidence as possible immediately after an accident.

Who Can Potentially All Be Held Liable For My Injuries In A Commercial Vehicle Or Trucking Accident Case?

Typically, the individuals or entities that could be liable are the truck driver, the company the driver is operating on behalf of, the insurance carrier, and in certain situations, the entity that requested the shipping of the load.

How Is The Worth Of A Serious Injury Case Like This Determined, Especially When You Don’t Know What The Future Costs Will Be?

Every case is different, and their value varies. The value is based on the nature and extent of the injuries. Unfortunately, oftentimes we deal with accidents that resulted in death. In wrongful death cases, the value of the case is based on the individual’s age, what kind of work they were doing, how much money they were making, whether they had a family, and how much insurance is available to cover the trucking company. Many other factors have an impact on a claim’s value.

What Do You Find Are The Biggest Challenges That People Face When They’re Going Up Against These Big Trucking Companies In A Personal Injury Case?

These kinds of cases are extremely expensive and technical. Therefore, in order to pursue one of these claims, you must hire a firm that has the ability to finance the litigation appropriately, afford the right kind of experts, and can ensure the injured party is receiving appropriate medical treatment. In Oklahoma, there are a very few firms like that. Hiring the correct firm can ensure that clients get the maximum recovery possible.

Why Is It Absolutely Critical That I Hire Your Firm To Represent Me In Trucking Accident Injury Case In Oklahoma? Should Anyone Ever Try To Handle A Case On Their Own If Fault Is Clear?

People should never handle these cases on their own. Whether you are dealing with an insurance company or a trucking company, they will always attempt to undervalue the case. Their goal is to get out of the case while paying the least amount of money possible. The reason why we are the firm of choice on these types of cases is because we take great pride in maximizing the amount of recovery for our clients. Because of our reputation, when it comes to the litigation and prosecution of these types of cases, we strongly believe we can get you more recovery than any other firm in Oklahoma.

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