Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance coverage is n aspect of life that almost everyone is familiar with but hopes never to rely upon. However, if the time does arise, those who have diligently paid into their policy and ensure their premiums are up to date have the rightful expectation of receiving the coverage they have been promised for the life of their policy. Unfortunately, insurance companies are by nature focused on retaining as much of the capital they receive as possible, and their bottom line relies on paying out less than they receive.

This, in turn, can lead to less than stellar practices when called upon to cover damages the policyholder has incurred. Since insurance relies on both parties holding up their end of the bargain throughout the term of the policy, unfortunately, situations can lead to what is known as practices of insurance bad faith. If the policyholder has fulfilled the criteria to remain insured, it is legally expected that the insurance agency does the same when and if the time comes.

While insurance companies can act in bad faith in a variety of insurance policies, some of the most common areas are homeowners and property damage claims. If you believe your insurance agency may be acting in bad faith after you have made a legitimate claim, Smolan Law is here to help. Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to devalue or invalidate your claim altogether, so call on The Alpha Team of bad faith litigation attorneys to ensure you are equipped to fight back. Remember, the insurance company works for you, not the other way around, so call today to get the compensation you deserve.

So what exactly is bad faith in terms of insurance claims? Some of the simple criteria to tell if bad faith is occurring on the side of the insurance agency are if claims are not paid on a timely basis, legitimate claims are outright denied, or if a covered claim is under-evaluated or underpaid. If you have found yourself on the wrong end of any of these answers if you have made a claim with your insurance company, it’s time to find an attorney near you in Tulsa, OK.

While it may initially seem like a simple denied claim, or it may appear as though a mistake was made, it could be an elaborate and calculated measure on the part of the insurance company to avoid paying out the money that is rightfully owed to you. However, this could be an example of the often significant lengths insurance companies will go to in order to reduce or eliminate their liability in paying out the claim to the policyholder.

As part of these significant measures to avoid paying out on a claim, insurance companies often have teams of high-powered lawyers dedicated to these claims. However, with the experience of regularly handling cases of this nature, along with the tricks and strategies employed by the insurance agency, it can be challenging to face them independently. This is one of the primary reasons hiring an attorney familiar with bad faith is so critical.

With the experience gained over careers of assisting clients go to battle with the insurance company who has preyed upon them, Smolen Law has developed the strategies and expertise necessary to get you the support you deserve. Once an insurance company has been found to be acting in bad faith, it may owe additional penalties above and beyond the initially owed compensation. These additional damages may include statutory penalties, attorney’s fees, and punitive damages, among others.

According to Oklahoma law, insurance companies have a set code with which to treat and interact with policyholders. This includes acting in good faith and ensuring that the policy which the customer has been sold and is consistently paying into is upheld and paid out on if that becomes necessary. However, navigating the waters of proving bad faith can be complex and muddy and attempting to make a claim of bad faith against insurance companies can be frustrating and overwhelming.

It is wise to find a bad faith litigation attorney near you with experience going to bat for clients in claims of bad faith. In Tulsa, OK, The Alpha Firm, Smolen Law has helped countless clients reach a favorable resolution. Not only is each individual client treated with respect and the pinnacle of professionalism, but each case is independently examined with a tailored approach formed for each one.

Since insurance policies are often held for the most precious or necessary components in one’s life, an insurance company acting in bad faith can severely derail your lifestyle or that of your family. For example, as mentioned previously, one of the most common areas for acts of bad faith from insurance agencies is homeowners insurance. Since claims of this nature tend to be expensive, time-consuming, and unprofitable, insurance agencies will try their best to devalue or deny these claims in any way possible. They may even go as far as looking for loopholes in their own policy to avoid paying out on a claim.

If you are in need of the compensation offered by your insurance company but believe they may be acting in bad faith after denying or undervaluing a claim, Smolen Law is here to help. With a team of attorneys with even more tenacity and talent than those working for the insurance company, you can rest assured you have given yourself the best chance at holding them accountable.

The first step in filing a bad faith claim against your insurance company is scheduling your free case evaluation with Smolen Law. From there, The Alpha Team will tailor a strategy specifically for your unique situation and advise you on how best to proceed. In instances in which you need the money promised by your insurance plan, time can be especially valuable, particularly if your case relies on your home or vehicle. So don’t hesitate, and call Smolen Law in Tulsa, OK, as soon as possible for the best chances at compensation.

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