Smolen Law’s mission is to provide exceptional legal services locally, regionally and nationally with integrity, professionalism and respect. We take a genuine interest in our clients, understand and appreciate the extent of their injuries and loss, and strive to consistently meet or exceed their expectations in every matter we handle.

Nobody wants to be in a situation in which hiring an attorney is necessary, but it happens. When it does, having a great attorney on your side can be the difference in recovering what is fair and settling for less than you deserve. Donald Smolen and the Smolen Law team of attorneys are committed to advocating for you and fighting for your rights.

In the Tulsa and Oklahoma law communities, Donald Smolen has built a reputation as one of the best at providing knowledgeable and experienced counsel. Don is an attorney widely known for getting his clients the results they need. Contact us today for a free consultation. You’ll soon see why Smolen Law is the Alpha Firm.