Do you have a FTCA?

Federal Tort Claims Act, also known as FTCA, is when someone is injured on government property or by an individual, such as a medical professional working for a government establishment.  But it doesn’t stop there… What Does Tort Mean? A civil wrong or wrongful act, whether intentional or accidental, from which injury occurs to another. …

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Ally Harrell, many have seen her name or spoken to her on the phone, but what is her role at Smolen Law? Besides being one of the hardest working individuals I have ever been around- Ally ensures deadlines are met, e-mails are answered (she gets a lot of e-mails), our lawyers are assisted, and client …

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As we all know it takes a team of individuals to run a law office. We have attorneys and paralegals in our firm, but we also employ people who are the point of contact when potential clients want to speak with someone about their case, and others who request medical records. Lindsay is who we’re …

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Malfunctioning Products

You’re the maintenance person for your department. The job entails monitoring equipment, making sure the area is clean for the other employees, and overall safety for the surrounding area. Music is playing in your headphones to drown out background noise, but you’re well aware of what is happening around you. A particularly large machine is …

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Are you covered?

Illness and injury are inevitable. From allergies to broken bones, and life-saving procedures, no one is immune from seeing a doctor. They’re already offering flu shots for the upcoming seasons and I’ve heard about several children, under the age of ten, diagnosed with pneumonia (it’s only October!). Then, of course, you have the unexpected shoulder …

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Online Harassment

A story about a college student being harassed online made it’s way to news outlets after the young woman, the target of the attacks, refused to remain silent. Twitter, the very popular social media platform is where the threats and name calling began. Taylor Dumpson, became an unsuspecting target of boldly expressed hate after “her …

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Q&A with Laura Hamilton

I’ve been given the opportunity to ask the attorney’s at our firm professional, and personal questions. I think it’s an excellent way for former, current, and potential clients to find out a little more about the hard-working attorney’s that have, or could be working on their case some day. This week, one of our Partners, …

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9/11 Newspaper

Still we rise

Those around to experience September 11, 2001 will never forget the impact this day had on the United States. I remember I was in band class when my teacher turned on her TV.  We watched in disbelief. The shock of such an attack sent a wave of chaos, anger, sadness, brokenness, and grief across the …

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